Great, How Easy It Is to Install iPhone Spy

Worried how to install iPhone Spy?

We design iPhone Spy to help you to catch your cheating spouse and unfaithful employee. Our spying apps also help you to keep an eye on your children’s activities and these spy software are trustworthy and act as a parental control on them. Many people leave the thought of buying an iPhone Spy because of the misconception about installing it. They thought that one should posses the technical know how, long downloading times and many such kinds of issues.

Step By Step Installation of iPhone Spy Software

Mobistealth’s iPhone Spy is here to remove all your doubts and provides a new advance spectrum.

  • First, decide which package you want to buy keeping in mind the prices and features offered with respect to package.
  • When the purchasing process is complete try to get the physical access to the iPhone of your spouse, employee or children. The case of employees is easy because most companies’ gives iPhones to their employees so installing the iPhone Spy Software in it is easy. But installing iPhone Spy Software into the spouse and kids iPhone is difficult but yet not impossible. You can gift them a new iPhone on their birthday or anniversary and many such reasons.
  • Keep this in mind that the iPhone on which the iPhone Spy Software is being installed should be jail broken if it is not then firstly do this.Go to Cydia and click Manage icon after jail broken.
  • Go to Sources and press Edit and then Add. Here add the source provided i.e., NUMBER. This serial number is provided at the time of license purchase.
  • Once source is added, select it and you would see SBTerminal application. Select SbTerminal and then press Install.
  • Press Confirm.
  • Upon successful installation, please restart the target phone.
  • You are done.

Prominent Features of iPhone Spy

All of the functioning of iPhone Spy is in complete stealth mode and the user or the targeted person does not feel its existence. You can access the recorded data from your stealth club account given to you on subscription. Following features are included in the iPhone Spy;

  • Get all the details of incoming and outgoing calls along with the full call history like call duration, time of call, person’s info etc. with iPhone Spy.
  • Get access to the text messages received and send in its full context in spite of deletion with iPhone Spy.
  • View the entire emails with the amazing iPhone Spy.
  • Listen live the surround conversation with iPhone Spy.
  • View the videos and photo taken and received through iPhone Spy.
  • Get the complete web browsing history.
  • You can track the location of the targeted phone with and without GPS.

If you are satisfied with the details of iPhone Spy you can direct download the product.

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