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The iPhone Spy is your video spy

The benefits of the iPhone Spy are plenty but one of the most prominent is that it allows you to look at every single video your target user makes with his/her phone. People often wonder what they could possibly need access to someone’s videos for. Being able to read someone’s incoming and outgoing text messages makes sense, having access to their email is even better, why would you then need their videos? Once you use the iPhone Spy you’ll never ask this question again. Continue reading

Make Sure your Child is Safe from Abuse with the iPhone Spy App

kids-watching-porn-300x201Seven men from Ontario have been arrested in an underage child porn bust. According to authorities these men lured the teenager’s online, which means they could’ve been asked to send sexual images or participate in a sexual conversation, the ages of the teens range from 13 to 18. With the iPhone Spy app you can make sure your child isn’t one of many such unfortunate victims. Continue reading