Make Sure your Child is Safe from Abuse with the iPhone Spy App

kids-watching-porn-300x201Seven men from Ontario have been arrested in an underage child porn bust. According to authorities these men lured the teenager’s online, which means they could’ve been asked to send sexual images or participate in a sexual conversation, the ages of the teens range from 13 to 18. With the iPhone Spy app you can make sure your child isn’t one of many such unfortunate victims.

According to Ontario police 60 people will be facing as many as 213 charges, though the charges wont change anything in the past, the iPhone Spy app can help to make sure nothing of this sort is in your teen’s future and help prevent it.

If your teen is spending a lot of time on his or her mobile phone surfing the web, you may want to know what exactly they are doing online and this can be achieved with the iPhone Spy app. The iPhone Spy app can store and log all web browsing information that is generated on the target phone, and forward all this information to your online account. The iPhone Spy app does not start logging information after it is installed, but in fact can give you browsing history information from before the application was installed on the device. Once you login to your online account you can view all the websites your teen has visited and data the he or she viewed, so in the case that your teen is spending a lot of time in online chat rooms, you can step it to make sure they safe.

You can not only view history but also view emails, if your teen is communicating with shady individuals or discussing matters that may endanger their well being, by monitoring emails you can be aware of what is going on, and if your teen is sending any images to people they don’t know.

Further more images and videos can be more closely monitored with the iPhone Spy using the apps picture and video logging capabilities. Through this feature you will always know about all images and videos that are captured from the mobile device, as the iPhone Spy app running on the mobile device will forward every captured image or video directly to your account. Even if data such as browsing history or even the images and videos are deleted from the phone, they will still be available to you in your account. This way you can insure your child is always safe.

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