Best iPhone Spy Software

Latest News: iPhone 4S Spyware Now Available!

iPhone-SpyCan you really monitor an iPhone with iPhone Spy Software? iPhone running any firmware version from 3.0 onward even the latest OS 5.0 or 5.0.1??

Of-course the possibility lies with iPhone Spy Software which after installation gives you a remote access to all the ongoing activities and contents of your target iPhone from SMS to call logs, from emails to browser history and from pictures to contacts. Whether the end user is your spouse, your kids or your lazy employer iPhone Spy Software keeps an eagle’s eye working in complete stealth mode, recording whatever is being done on the iPhone. Any SMS coming in, any SMS going out, the typed content, and the date/time and even if the user deletes the SMS right away, iPhone Spy  Software still has the ability to keep a record. So once the iPhone Spy Software is installed on your iPhone none of the activities taking place go off the record, all of it gets recorded and uploaded to your online account via internet.

Installation Process of iPhone Spy Software

You must be thinking it would be a long process taking quite a lot of your time then you are absolutely wrong as you can get iPhone Spy Software running on your target phone in no less than a minute. But you need to make sure that you can physically access the iPhone you want to monitor and it is jail broken which you can confirm by looking for cydia icon on the springboard. If in case it is not jail broken then again you do not need to worry at all just take the iPhone to a nearby Mobile shop, get it jail broken, install iPhone Spy Software and hide the cydia icon by following the instructions provided. You can also find a lot of websites and tutorials for the jail breaking process on the internet so it is not a big deal. You need not to worry about being found out at all as the application is installed under a morphed name without any icon on the phone screen.

Features of iPhone Spy Software

It is the best iPhone Spy Software that gives you all the incoming out going emails the target iPhone user has been sending and receiving, the pictures and videos present on the phone, all the saved contacts, all the websites visited, all the calls and SMS and what not you can just make a simple call and get it accepted automatically listening live to the surroundings of your target iPhone without letting anybody know.

If you want to keep a record of what has been happening in the surroundings just try the surround recording feature i.e. record the surroundings of your target iPhone for any of your desired duration that can be 5, 15 or 30 minutes by just sending it a pre-configured simple text. You can keep the recordings and use them for any sort of proof.

The last but not the least if your target iPhone user has the habit of keeping the GPS off or disabled even then you can track it via iPhone Spy  Software i.e. if the GPS is enabled it is well and good, you get the location reports of your target iPhone every now and then but when the GPS is disabled you still get the location, so in short iPhone Spy Software is no less than a sharp detective as nothing escapes it’s eye.